• Are you struggling with these hoop earrings?

    Some of you told me these are a bit fiddly to put on, so I made a little video for you. Click to see more.
  • How to pack your jewellery when travelling - a mini series

    First up we have rings! Necklaces and clay earrings coming soon. Click to see video.
  • AllthingsBergs is now Bergs Accessories

    Read about the reason I decided to re-brand!

    There is a GIVEAWAY on the AllthingsBergs Instagram at the moment!
  • Mini Leaf Collection behind the scenes

    Check out a few videos with footage from behind the scenes
  • The BERGS bags are coming back!

    Week commencing 9th of August 2021!
  • EU customers, new rule about VAT. Read this please! ETSY LINK TO SHOP IS IN THIS ARTICLE!

    New VAT rule from 1st of July!
  • SURPRISE inside...

    Find out why I decided to add these in your orders!
  • Scrunchie guide

    Get to know the Bergs scrunchies, in this little guide made just for you darling x
  • GOOD news!

    New sewing machine, new POP UP Collection drop, scrunchies and bags it's all happening!
  • Have you been looking for earrings with silver components?

    Let's talk silver components!
  • The Regal Collection

    The latest collection called The Regal Collection, telling you a bit about my process of making a new collection.