AllthingsBergs is now Bergs Accessories

Oh boy long time no see, let's talk re-branding!

As you have most likely noticed I have re-branded and I did that for a couple of reasons. When I started my business I called it all things Bergs or AllthingsBergs as I like to write it, that was actually because I wasn't 100% sure what products I wanted to sell *face palm*...but remember it's better to start and not be perfect than to never start.

I also decided I wanted to focus more on one specific thing/area. As you know my brand has always been about neutral and muted colours because of my Scandi roots, however I have now decided to stick to only neutrals. This way I can serve you better and be more specific in my products and content. I am so pleased and you seem to love the new Bergs *yay*


Bergs Accessories clay earrings UK

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