BERGS is back!!

After a few months of me being gone and the website being paused, BERGS is back! The last month - 2 months I have been working hard making the latest earring collection and it is finally here. 

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I have decided to focus more on earrings and scrunchies going forward, so once the bags/necklaces etc. sell out they won't be back. I feel like this is the right decision for me and this will allow me to put all my effort into earrings and scrunchies. 

I am so happy to be back and I want to welcome you. Whether you are a returning or a new customer, I appreciate you.

Hopefully you will find what you are looking for and if not I am only a live chat away (speech bubble in the lower right hand corner of the website)

Ps. I have been growing my Tik Tok account, so if you are on there, swing by:) 

Talk soon x

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