EU customers, new rule about VAT. Read this please! ETSY LINK TO SHOP IS IN THIS ARTICLE!

(Update 1/7/21 I have now added some of the earrings to Etsy and I tried going through the checkout process and it seems the VAT is added at checkout, after you have added your card details (annoying I know)

Keep in mind I tried it from the UK and just added a random EU address in as my delivery address, so it might already be added to the listing when you go to my shop from your (EU) country, I'm not sure. I will be adding all my products gradually. Thank you darling x)


ETSY LINK below!

Click HERE to get to my Etsy shop!


Let me start by saying that I hate Brexit!Ugh..

From the 1st of July 2021 there will be a new rule for EU customers, so any EU customers that buy from me for under €150 (around £128,1115DKK, $179 correct as of 24/6/21) will have to pay VAT on their order. Up until the 1st of July there is an exemption which means you don't have to pay VAT on items up to €22.

Now because of this rule I have to make a decision, I can either make it VERY clear that you will have to pay the VAT on top of what you paid for the item once you receive it OR I can add my products to my Etsy shop and they automatically add the VAT to the list price. This means you won't have to pay VAT once you receive the item because you will have paid it already.

As always I love to hear your opinion and I just did a poll on Instagram, and you voted mostly for Etsy, where the VAT will be included in the list price.This means by the 1st of July I will be adding my products to my Etsy shop, so my website will remain the same but all EU customers will have to purchase from me through Etsy. All UK and non EU customers please still order from my website.

Thank you for reading darling!

Much love,

Bergs x

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