Scrunchie guide

As you might have noticed the velvet scrunchies are back, did I hear a little yay from you😉!?

Buying online can sometimes be tricky, so I wanted to quickly explain to you what you get when you buy a Bergs scrunchie. First of all it is very important to me that I get the best velvet I can find, and I am very pleased with the fabric I have at the moment, it is SUPER soft and SO gorgeous.

The new scrunchies have NO visible seam, meaning that the gap that is normally sewn together on the outside is now glued on the inside, creating a very professional look. When you buy a Bergs scrunchie (or any product for that matter) you get a very good quality product. I take my time and always do a quality control test before anything gets sent out.

I now sell two sizes of scrunchies, Regular and Large. The only difference in the two is the amount of material, so the large one is much fuller than the regular one. The elastic is the same in both (around 8.5 inches)

Below I have added two images of the Regular and the Large scrunchie in my hand to show you the difference in size.


Regular sized scrunchie by AllthingsBergs AccessoriesLarge sized scrunchie by AllthingsBergs Accessories

Regular is the top one and Large is the bottom one

Scrunchie guide by AllthingsBergs

Above you can see a scrunchie guide showing you what the scrunchies look like in my hair, hopefully this gives you an idea. My hair is quite thick.

I hope this is helpful, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out. I usually have my phone in my hand..oops😂

Much love

Bergs xx

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