The BERGS bags are coming back!

If you have been following me on my journey since I started the business you will be familiar with the BERGS bags, but if you are new let me introduce you. 

Black Bergs bag

. Made from ripstop fabric which means they are super lightweight, but don't let that fool you, they are also super strong. Not only is the fabric resistant to tearing and ripping, they are also lined (same fabric on the inside as the outside)

2. The straps have been sewn in a way that ensures they will hold all your heavy items, super reinforced so you can carry whatever you need to in your bag. Customers love using the Bergs bags as a uni bag, shopping bag, gym bag, baby stuff bag, work bag and whatever bag you like.

3. The bags have a small elastic loop sewn in at the top which means you can roll them up so they form a tiny sausage that uses up hardly any space.

4. The bags come in 2 sizes, the tote bag and the large bag.

Leopard Bergs bag

The bags will be back towards the end of the week commencing 9th of August 2021.
Much love,
Bergs x

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