About Bergs Accessories

Do you find yourself stressing trying on different outfits before leaving the house? And then once you've decided on your outfit you then have to decide on the accessories, send help right..

Without having to put in much effort, the Bergs accessories add that gorgeous finishing touch that truly elevates your outfit. With the neutral colour palette they are easy to style and pull together any look beautifully. This means it will be quicker for you to style and you will have more time with your friends - and less stress! Yes please..

What's also special about the Bergs products is that they are small batch, which means they are all very unique and as you know no two handcrafted products are exactly the same. 

Bergs Accessories was born out of love for timeless style and a desire to create wearable art in a world where fast-fashion has taken over. Taking inspiration from natural forms, textures and colours, the Bergs products are true to the founder's Scandinavian origins and influences.

Since 2019, the brand has sold in over 20 countries and has garnered a loyal customer base that appreciates the small-batch ethos and focus on sustainable packaging, and reusable materials.

Thank you so much for being here, have a look around and make yourself at home. And get ready to exude understated elegance, Scandi-style. 


Bergs 🤍

Founder, designer + maker

Bergs Accessories