New to polymer clay?
These are my recommended tools/clay

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(these are all UK shops)

Sculpey Premo polymer clay (several colours available)
Sculpey Premo polymer clay
Fimo Professional (several colours available, not in this link but just search Fimo professional)
Fimo Professional polymer clay
Fimo Soft polymer clay (several colours available)
Fimo clay
Grater I use to grate unused (baked) polymer clay pieces to add a speckled effect to new pieces. Grate and mix into raw polymer clay.
Grater for unused polymer clay
Adjustable roller (used as a depth guide) for polymer clay
Adjustable roller
3D printed cutters from Kaly and Klay 
Kaly and Klay cutters
3D printed cutters from Bebrightnblissful 
Bebrightnblissful 3d cutters
3D printed cutters from Polly McClay Studio
Polly McClay studio